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Specialists in Marine Transport of Petrochemical Gases and Liquefied Petroleum Gases (LPG)

Christiania Gas was founded in 2011, under the name B-gas, and has been a dedicated principle within specialized LPG Carriers since its establishment. The company was fronted by Bergshav Management and other Norwegian investors who acquired Eitzen Gas, including the entire owned and Time-Chartered fleet. However in 2023 the Eitzen groupe bought back the company and has since renamed us after our sister company, Christiania Shipping. 

Christiania Gas will continue to offer logistic solutions for sea transportation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Petrochemical gases worldwide, focusing on the Northwest European Shipping market.

Vision, Mission and Our Values


Be the preferred partner by all our stakeholders.


Christiania Gas provides our customers with safe, efficient and flexible solutions to their ocean transport requirements in the coastal gas segment of North West Europe.

Our Values:


Safe and responsible actions and conduct is our guide in all we do; ensuring personnel, environment and assets.


We aim to create value for our key stakeholders
- Customers
- Shareholders
- Employees


We live up to our word and do what is right.


We look for solutions and opportunities in our daily work.

Historic Timeline


The former B-gas was acquired by the Eitzen Group. Subsequently, the company underwent significant changes to align with the vision that the Eitzen Group holds for its companies. As a result, we have now rebranded ourselves as Christiania Gas.


Completed delivery of Seagas Loyalty. The vessel is adding to the fully pressurized coaster fleet. Furthermore, the commercial management agreement with Evergas for two fully pressurized vessels was expanded.


B-Gas scaled up its fleet with four semi-refrigerated vessels to accommodate its business partners’ needs. The following ships were named: B Gas Saturn, B Gas Jupiter, B Gas Monarch, and B Gas Mate. Additionally, two fully pressurized vessels were added under our commercial management with Evergas.


The acquisition of B Gas Mariner marked the first investment in the semi-refrigerated coaster segment since the company was established.


Decided to invest in the fully pressurized segment by acquiring the vessel B Gas Margrethe. This vessel represented our second wholly owned ship in the respective segment.


B Gas Summit joined the pressurized fleet under commercial management and marked the completion of the delivery of three sister vessels.


Two of three pressurized sister vessels were added to the fleet through commercial management. The respective ship names were B Gas Superior and B Gas Supreme.


B-Gas was established based on the parent company Bergshav’s acquisition of 51% of the shares in Elitizen gas. The corporation was formed to operate the gas coaster fleet of owned and time-chartered vessels.

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