Our Services

Flexible & Reliable Services to Our Customers

Christiania Gas offers logistic solutions for sea transportation of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Petrochemical gases with a focus on the North-western European LPG shipping market. We have a diverse range of customers, such as world-leading traders, refineries and oil majors. Hence, we aim to provide flexible and reliable transport solutions catered to our customers’ needs and opt to become an integral part of their logistic chain.

Additionally, we strive to provide tailor-made solutions for customers by offering a well-maintained fleet of both semi-refrigerated and fully pressurized Gas Carriers of the Coaster segment. The Christiania Gas fleet is operated with high technical vetting standards and managed by dedicated and experienced professionals at sea and ashore.

World Leading Partners in Technical Management

For us to focus on our core business, the technical management is being performed by close partners that are highly specialised in their field and are respected companies in the industry.  

Experienced ship management companies, which are future-driven, will ensure that the Christiania Gas fleet operates safely, compliant, and efficiently. 

Why Operate in LPG?

Christiania Gas operates in a niche market of shipping and seeks to take advantage of the competitive environment by offering the best expertise in our field to become the preferred partner for our customers.

Despite being a niche segment, the production of LPG has experienced steady and continuous growth over the past two decades, with supply and demand moving in parallel due to the high versatility of the gas. The product is frequently used as a feedstock in everyday products such as plastics, medical equipment, and fertilizers. Additionally, it is also directly used for heating households, cooking, and transportation and is particularly beneficial in rural areas without electricity or natural gas. Due to the growing supply and demand, Christiania Gas have experienced an increasing need for our specialized transport services. 

While Liquified Petroleum Gas is a byproduct from refined crude oil processing or natural gas extraction, it can be considered as a sustainable option compared to other fossil fuels. Burning LPG yields lower amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SOx), and particulate matter (PM) when compared to coal and oil. Christiania Gas believes that LPG will have a central role globally as a transitional fuel for a low-carbon future due to its synergy of high versatility and low environmental contamination risk.